Colonel Richard Kemp Says Jihadists, China, and Russia Are Celebrating the Afghanistan Crisis


You know, we're seeing what we face now is a a terrorist threat coming out of Afghanistan. That is greater than the terrorist threat before 9 11 jihadists around the world have been celebrating. The events and not least the president. Not this is a jihadist, but the president of Pakistan, Imran Khan, who himself celebrated it, he should be celebrating because Pakistan significantly funded The Taliban throughout the campaign, while at the same time being paid vast amounts of money by America and Britain. Um, but they're celebrating around the world. Hamas in Gaza are celebrating What's happening here? Um, and they will be re energize. They will have to see that their recruitment has been boosted. They will be reinvigorated and they will launched attacks around the world against our countries, as they did really when they were being inspired by the Islamic state. Al Qaeda and the Islamic state are strong in Afghanistan. At the moment, Al Qaeda fought alongside the Taliban in recent battles. They will operate freely. Just doesn't matter what the Taliban say to you. They will allow the Al Qaeda in the Islamic state to operate freely there, and they can operate more freely than they could before 9 11. Because they know there's no fear of Western intervention. Now that's finished. That's history. There's not going to happen again. They know that and so they'll be even bolder than before and jihadist from around the world will flock into Afghanistan. To train prepare and launch attacks against the West. So The state of the terrorist threat is higher than it was at the height of the Islamic state's power when they controlled large parts of Syria and of Iraq. That's just one aspect of The situation. There is no one really who is celebrating this situation more than Russia and China. They're the greatest cheerleaders for what's happened.

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