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You're interested in it. Brian's talking about it. And you're with Brian Kilmeade, Mr. Anthony Tony Blinken. Who is not only unqualified, but in fact, in my view, one of the worst selections that Of a very bad lot that this president has chosen. Not only is Mr Blinken unqualified, but he is, I believe a threat to the traditional Interests and values that embody the United States of America. And now he's secretary of state That was 2014 John McCain, Seeing at the applicant's nomination from president then President Barack Obama's This guy's terrible You gotta be kidding me. He was the one who pushed along with vice president then Vice President Joe Biden to pull out of Iraq. The whole thing collapsed. We got Isis. We still haven't shook them Americans were being headed rounding cages. Then we had to put troops on the ground and put special forces into Syria to wipe out Isis in the enclave and destroy the caliphate once and for all killed Baghdadi on top of that, and he is now dead as well as Soleimani. That's what people understand that like Wow. Why is the president trump doing that now? I think President Trump was should have left the special forces to do their thing in Syria as well. But the people making these decisions are incompetent. The guy at the top. It's too easy to say he's gotten older. This is the idiot. These were his idiot believes back then no one listened to him. Remember there was a reason why President Obama said. Never underestimate The ability of Joe Biden to blank things up. And this is by four the biggest screw up in the history of modern America. I don't thing anything rivals

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