Manchester City in Talks to Sign Ronaldo From Juventus



Is a lot of news about cristiano. Ronaldo leaving eventers. Tell us gap salacious ball k. This morning george benders cristianos agent went to see you this. He told them that he He had personal terms in place with with manchester city. They were higher than than i anticipated. And he's willing to take the contract. There's talk of a two year deal The problem is city Event is saying well. We're not going to let them go on a free. That's very very clear. You've of course losing something like three hundred more than three hundred million over two years. They wanna get a feedback and city thus far is taping. This have yet to make a bid. You expect a bid on friday from manchester city and that is they expect to be right around thirty million euros and if that happens think he's john. Ronaldo will be free to go. We'll it'd be free to go to city because that is obviously the big question mark because at the same time there's this massive bid from around madrid second bid for killian bobby and l'equipe a reporting this time. Perry senator man are willing to enter negotiations with real madrid. Doesn't mean they're going to take this huge bid it may require another bid but they are willing to at least talk to them at least according to the keep and the other detail and all this which i don't think we can ignore is after meeting with uganda's on thursday morning george mendes jumped on his chartered plane and didn't fly to manchester. He sued to perry spent the afternoon in paris. Obviously parsons you're coming out quite clearly in saying we don't want john renaldo. He's not in our plans. We're going to stick with him up. You wonder though if imbaba goes could that be an alternate destination. Could it be more appealing. Christiano to move to power senator man. If if it's the biggest. And bob

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