A highlight from 30 Days to Conquering Yourself and Be Better


Happy friday. Thanks for listening to manila episode farm. Small farm smart. Sorry mr. last week it took some time off for an enjoy the last bits of summer get every little drop just squeezed right out of it. I've also been doing a lot of thinking about this. Podcast podcasting content production in general. And there'll be some changes coming in the future. Don't worry i'm not going anywhere. That could be a good thing. If you enjoy hearing me it could be a bad thing if you just want me to go away. But then you probably wouldn't be listening in the first place so anyway i'm sticking around but things are going to change it up a little bit and i'll let you know more about that in the weeks ahead but for now i wanna talk about the month. Add because we're only a few days into the brand new month of september and every month rollover now gets me really excited because for the past few months. I've been doing monthly challenges. Thirty day challenges. I did a special episode talking about a thirty day. Challenge for august in which i was gonna jump rope for five minutes everyday for all of august. We'll i ended up doing that. And now it's on to the next thing or next things. And i wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about these thirty day challenges in why they've kind of shattered a few paradigm for me. The whole idea behind a thirty day challenge is it's kind of shocking odds. It's bombs over baghdad. It's it's wake up. We're going to try and change something in your life right now. There's no messing around full accountability. Because the great thing about doing a challenge that has a time constraint on it thirty days sixty days whatever it is. It's only successful if you do it every day. It's not like i'm gonna work out five days a week or three days a week. It's i'm work out seven days a week for every week of the month. It forces you to be accountable to yourself. There's zero wiggle room. There's zero room for excuses. If you don't feel like doing it that day you either have to quinn on yourself. And hopefully you put this out in public or maybe do a spouse or somebody else and they can kinda shame you for quitting or you grinded out and do it if i have the option to do it you know five days a week. It's like well. I don't wanna do it today. Once you start taking time off getting loosey-goosey about things it's real easy. Get loosey-goosey about everything. There's that saying how you do. Anything is how you do everything and when you start doing something for a challenge every single day you start holding yourself accountable to this standard. You set for yourself. And i've seen like these trickle down effects to other parts of my life. it's like well. I kinda wanted to say no to that thing that i should have done today. It's not a challenge. Or anything. So i i could say no without feeling guilty but i told myself i was going to do it today. I need to be accountable. So i love the fact that it it forces accountability on to you the other great thing about a thirty day challenge or another not the other another great thing is. It's one way. I think of a leg as a shock and awe young you out of some sort of staleness in life. We all get lackadaisical. I have ups and downs in my ear. Just like your like you do as well. I'm sure highs and lows throughout the year. One thing i've found is when you get lo- try something that can make you feel high and i don't mean something that you puff puff pass pass but something that you can actually do to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Because if you're not feeling good and you start doing something that's hard and you start building progress stacking up blocks of look what i've done that builds confidence and before you know it you've kind of built yourself a a block staircase out of this right that you had doug for yourself if you're somebody who's unhealthy physically mentally emotionally forcing yourself to do these things forces rapid change it doesn't mean the situation's going to go from awful two best but at least you're moving in a positive direction. These don't have to be big physical chance. I'll have to do a sit up. Challenge or push upjohn's this could be you know. I wanna sit with my wife for fifteen minutes every day in just chat about life. It could be i. I wanna read my daughter a bedtime story every night it could be. I want to call my mom every day. It so don't think these are all grunt physical michio challenges because they don't have to be and a lot of mine art but when you start doing these it's like wow look what i have done this month. Look at how much. I accomplished like it that much. I lifted look at how many pull ups i did. I went from zero to this. It's an amazing feeling and it can really snap you out of a rut. If you're ever thinking about experimenting with anything you jump rope was kind of that for me. Like i'd always thought. Well i kinda wanna do it. But i would never commit in the past if i just bought a jump rope. Who would just sit there. So i had to put this challenge out. Do it for thirty days and decide. Hey do i actually let like doing this. Does it fit me. My life is enjoyable. You do some for thirty days every day. You've had thirty shots at it. You can probably then determine okay. Is this something. I keep in my life. Where i ge edison were too quick. I think to shun things and get rid of them. It's like i try it once. It was awful. I don't wanna do it again. I don't think we give things a fair shot. I don't think we give ourselves a fair shot all the time so try it for thirty days and then i think you can really have an informed opinion on whether it works for you and your life and you can stick with it more move on. I'm going to stick with the jump rope thing. I'm gonna try and do it every day. Five minutes a day. It's actually harder than you think. You can probably get about a minute and a half in best case of one solid jump without messing up or getting so tired it. It's tough but it works for me. Five minutes i can do it in breaks in home school. I like

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