What Can Afghan Women Do To Get out the Country?

Woman's Hour


You're a young woman in afghanistan who doesn't have joel nationality doesn't have particular money but is desperately concerned. What maybe wants to leave. What can what can you do right now. Well i spoken amin recently. Yesterday i spoken to three of them. One one of them already escaped to iran. And she's supposed to come back to afghanistan and she's absolutely desperate to go somewhere else because iran is refusing to keep her in the country and she has got relatives were in the taliban group and she has already been warned so many times to stop her activities as a women's activist and as a human rights activists at a but she didn't and she's a famous a women's rights activists and and she has been told that if you return you and your eleven year old daughter will be killed how huron she just escaped from the neighboring province herald in the west end western afghanistan and Now that's one example. Another example is another woman that i've interviewed her on numerous occasions and she's very active. She used to be very active in the northern city of mazaar-i-sharif and she told me yesterday and she sent me some voice messages on saying that To taunton have a blacklist. Oath all these People who were active and were Promoting women's rights and lgbt rights or a human rights and and they go door to door knock on the doors and search for these people but the taliban are say no. That's not true. Thus they use propaganda does the wisden propaganda against us. And we are not doing that. But what we to saint from the ground songs ghanistan from these provinces and from the eye witnesses and they are telling us a totally different story. They're saying note they even send us some video clips and images that they take secretly and On the ground the situation is different. is a chaos panic and every woman wants to were active. Wants to leave

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