Gary Ginsberg Talks About the Friendship Between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed


Actually shared a double bed for four years. But it was not uncommon back then for men to jump into bed together, particularly lawyers who were riding the circuit to do that, because let's be clear there weren't a lot of holiday ends back in Springfield, Illinois, in the 18 thirties. So betting was scarce and men would get into bed together without actually having any sexual relations, so they became extremely close Friends. For four years, and it plays out in the most crucial moment in January of 18 41 went after, as they say, the four years where they share every meal together. They share the bed. Together. They share their intimate secrets and fears and hopes and dreams. But in 18 41 Lincoln becomes depressed and he was prone to depression. He takes to his bed and speed ministers to him over the course of a month and at one point Lincoln and wants to kill himself. So speed takes away all of his sharp objects. It was only because of speeds intervention. Do we even know the name Abraham Lincoln today? But the real twist of this whole story is that they then basically speak goes back to Kentucky. Lincoln becomes, as we all know. Famous lawyer becomes a congressman. And then in the 18 fifties, becomes a candidate for the Senate, and his views on slavery are evolving in the 18 fifties at the same time, that speed is the most successful businessman in Kentucky and also his slave owner. And they've grown apart for a pet 18 forties over some disputes over unpaid legal bills. But 18 fifties they start cook corresponding on the issue of slavery, and Lincoln bares his soul about How he is just tortured by the institution of it and and speed defend. It defends the institution and they have a very honest debate in these letters.

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