Ross Wilson Says People Who Don't Evacuate Afghanistan Are at Fault


And this is why you despise the corrupt American media. Cut 11 go! The question has been raised. Why didn't the U. S get out Americans and are Afghani friends before the Taliban were able to take control of Kabul? You warned about this in a cable Were you ignored? We put out repeated warnings every three weeks through Americans going back to march or April, each one named stronger terms. Leave now leave immediately. Never in my my 40 years of working, uh, since I began working at the State Department have I seen such strong such strong language used People chose not to leave. That's that's their business. That's their right. Let let's let's let's let's slow down here. What else were these? People told By the president of the United States. What else were they talk? But there's no way the Taliban can take over the country. It's not going to fall that fast and so forth. And so they've been told a lot of things. These people. So here we have this guy now who wants you to believe these citizens are They're not victims. That they sealed their own fate. Now, Many of these people who went to Afghanistan went to Afghanistan because their Afghan Americans, they have family members in Afghanistan. Either because those family members wanted to stay where they can't get into the United States or any other countries. Some cases they have elderly parents who are sick. Some cases they have individuals and their families have been serving the Afghan army. I got injured or they want to check them out and make sure everything is okay. They make it sound like these pants. You know there there They are there in Afghanistan. We taught them to get out. They just wouldn't get out.

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