Texas Abortion Law Explained: Everything You Need to Know


We're going to bring you an off week special episode to discuss the order. That was just handed down right before midnight on wednesday night up holding a really novel. Texas abortion law this law. We've actually talked about it on the show before is known as sba effectively bans all abortions. After the six week of pregnancy many many women do not know that they are pregnant at six weeks of pregnancy. There is no exception. For rape and incest governor greg abbott signed. Sp eight into law in may and of course the trick behind the law is that unlike similar deliberately unconstitutional abortion bans. heartbeat ends. What have you. Sba doesn't allow any state actors to enforce it there in fact prohibited from enforcing it instead literally everyone else. Any american anywhere is empowered is in fact conscripted to bring civil lawsuits against either an abortion provider. Or anyone who quote aids and abets those terms. Go undefined on abortion. That could include your counselor. Who talks to you about your options or the uber driver who drops you off at the clinic. Look the law is unconstitutional. Texas is well aware that the supreme court precedent sets the bar for abortion bans at viability. That somewhere between twenty two and twenty four weeks but this law was deliberately crafted so that there is no state actor and thus nobody for an abortion provider to take to court to try to get injunction one other thing if an abortion provider is sued in state court under sb eight. And they lose well. The winning party not only gets bounty of ten thousand dollars possibly more. They also collect. Attorney's

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