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This is radio boston. I'm tian during boston. Wants thirty hotel rooms. At the quality. In in revere they are for people currently in the area of massachusetts avenue and melania cast boulevard who are experiencing homelessness and addiction. The city of boston says it wants to use the rooms for transitional housing and wraparound services for people at mass and cast but revere mayor brian rigo is against it. Saying there has been no plan and that makes the idea dangerous. Acting boston mir kim janey and mayor areso are set to meet and talk out their differences later this afternoon. We caught up with mayor a rigo little earlier today. And i asked why specifically he objected. I wrote a letter to the bus. Probably health mission especially my immense frustration. And it's been more around the fact that there is no plan you know we've heard a lot about a regional plan. We've heard a lot about How we can potentially help these folks. We haven't seen any details You know as i said in the letter. I don't even know how many rooms are looking to rent from the quality and in revere And so when we were when we found out about this which didn't happen the way. These things orderly happened happened through a voicemail. You know there was some frustration but ultimately what we need to do is make sure that we're meeting the need of humanitarian crisis. We cannot just move people in boston and ship them to another city. We need to have a real regional plan of responsible regional plan. This is a situation where all hands should be on deck And that includes the governor that includes the attorney general that includes the da and includes metro. Boston mayors multiple mayors in multiple cities are coming together convening and figuring out how to roll up our sleeves and and and tackle this. It doesn't mean just moving people from one city to another and that is what we've what we've seen so a lot to unpack there. I'm going to pull some of the threads and what you just said mayor. We're going. i'm going to start kind of small. The city confirmed a w. b. u. r. That the pilot proposals for thirty rooms did they. Did you get inconsistent numbers of rome's from the city or did you just not know what the size was so we had heard everything from one hundred sixty two thirty and it depend on. Were talking to. We got different numbers at that and his thirty more attractive. Assuming well well we wanna make sure is that. There's an operational plan right. We wanna make sure that that there are a there are other regional partners. A part of this that their seats tickles. Set a part of this that this isn't just something where putting thirty beds and in one place and and and that's it what i haven't heard are who are the other partners that were were we'd be working with. What is the operational plan around that. And how do we make sure that we have the resources to be able to meet the needs of of the folks that are going to be there. So that's i'm gonna. I'm gonna pick that up for a second. I'm sorry to interrupt you. So you're really emphasizing sort of the the coordination the regional strategy the planning and clarify you're not objecting in principle to housing people who are experiencing homelessness and addiction from the mass and cast area in revere you're not objecting to that. It's the process by which this is happening. My understanding you correctly but We've that's from our own experiences. We were We spearheaded the the covert hotel that was at the quality inn and that took leaders from the region coming together and working together. That took me working with my counterparts and other cities mayor the city managers and bringing people together operationalizing. How we're going to make this work getting buy in from everybody and executing what was a well orchestrated program of having a quarantine hotel at quality and i have no confidence at the bus. All the health commission took any of those jobs or can do any of those steps And so what. I what i look for is again to convene Regional leaders make sure we have a responsible plan and that we have partners in recovery for a real plan. That is what that is gonna be the thing that allows us to meet this humanitarian crisis at massive cat so based on that experience and that seems like a relevant example of this kind of coordination. What are you worried will happen. If people who have been experiencing homelessness and addiction at mass and casts go to the quality and without that kind regional coordination and planning and i guess earlier in the back of my mind is is that the crisis nature of this. It could take a long time to do what you're talking about doing there. You stood up the kovin hotel. Actually fairly quickly is my memory. Yeah so one. How do you think about the urgency piece in this in to. What are you worried will happen. If residents move into short term residents move into the quality and with this without this kind of regional coordination. So i'm convinced if we have the right people around the right table. Who can make things happen that this can be done in an urgent urgent matter manner and i know i want to be part of that right and i and i know that folks all the way from from the governor john two mayors and other communities are willing to roll up our flus and do this work and i think it could be done an urgent way and and and we've seen that through the quality in it didn't take very long to to pull that together but it took time and effort and our teams getting together and working through all the logistics.

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