Fuel pumps run dry in British cities, sowing supply chain chaos


Ninety percent of petrol stations in the uk have run dry d to chronic delivery problems causing an enormous knock-on effect across all factors. The healthcare system appears to be crumbling. A combination of price rises tax increases and benefit cuts will leave the poorest british families. A thousand pounds out of pocket and there seems to be no viable opposition. As the labor party descends into kaethe the. Uk is a mess. Does boris johnson's government have plan. When i'm joined by vincent mcilvanney monocle. Twenty fools political correspondent to investigate that vinnie. Let's start with fuel you've been in yorkshire talking to a haulage company. The root of this problem is the shortage of drivers. Tell us mole. Yeah that's right. Spent yesterday morning with a haulage company. Just outside of said they do haulage right around the uk they have forty two big eighteen wheelers and they deliver all kinds of things and i spoke to a couple of drivers guys who've done this for decades and they said you just cannot get young people into this profession that they don't want that lifestyle anymore. When you climb into one of these trucks that i was in yesterday it has a fridge stocked with food for the week so they can at least try and eat healthily. It has a microwave has a bed and they will drive up and down the country. They will sleep in that cab but the problem is as well on top of that They don't have access to proper facilities because there are currently around fifteen thousand spaces short for them to park at service stations in the uk. Hey so they end up often sleeping slipways on the sides of roads and then they're only facilities for them so it is a very strange lifestyle that some of these guys live and something that younger men More used to being home more used to having a work life balance wanting to see wives in kids. They don't want to do that

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