Dana Spiotta Talks About Wayward

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Deana spilled a joins us now. From the catskills. She is the author of many novels including innocence and others lightning field and stone arabia and her latest book is called wayward dana. Thanks for being here. Thanks so much for having me pamela. So this book begins with a house. Why what is this house. And what role does it play in the novel. Well it's a falling down arts and crafts house. That's in the city of syracuse. The main character. Sam has a habit of going to these kind of open houses. With no intention to buy and she finds us wreck of a house and syracuse you can actually buy houses for forty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars that are completely falling apart and she just impulsively signs a contract for this house senate. Only when she's driving home that she realizes she's going to leave her husband and her entire life. And i think one of the questions that drives the novel in the beginning is why does she do this really reckless thing with her life and and i think she falls in love with the and i am part of me was thinking of writing a midlife person blowing up their life but i didn't want it to be because they fell in love with a younger lover which seems kind of cliche. I thought we're done with that. We're dealing with no this house. And i think the question is what is the house speak to her and i guess it wasn't what i was writing it. I didn't think about it as much. But after i thought okay. The house is hiding in plain sight at you could ignore it or you can look closely and see the beauty there and i think she's she thinks it speaks to her and she's the only one that can still see that it's beautiful and so maybe that has something to do about the state. The cheese in or that. Her life is in to that. She needs to kind of look at her life in a different way so she can see what's still beautiful and what still needs work. Maybe

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