To Compare September 11 to January 6 Is Beyond Absurd


To compare january six to nine eleven is beyond absurd it is it is reprehensible and his byron york points out in his scathing column about george w bush's speech to compare january six to nine. Eleven is a rhetorical trick. If you will that is it's beyond ridiculous. It's it's it's it's awful. There is no comparison. I'll never understand what got him. The heads of those few hundred people on january sixth. I don't know anybody who defends them. In fact the best anybody does in trying to defend them is doing with. John just tried to do and suggest will they didn't even exist. It was a bunch of antique people. It was not. It was not that. I saw the guy to there. Were maybe there were a few people from antiphon. Plm mixed in there. Those were those were a lot of trump supporters. Again ashley. bad if the only person killed that day was a diehard trump supporter trying to climb through a broken window that was barricaded and a guy shot and killed her and best. I can tell was not really held a cal on tv and bragged about it. Tell told us how brave you was was. The guy's name you went on with lester holt right michael bird. I've never heard law enforcement. Ever tell me how brave they are if you tell people how brave you are. You're not very brave. This is the same guy. Incidentally who left his loaded revolver in the men's room and bragged about the fact that he wouldn't be held accountable because he was a high ranking capital police officer. So that's michael bird.

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