A highlight from News AF | Potty Training Cows is News AF September 14, 2021

Rob Has a Podcast


The week's most interesting. The week of september fourteenth twenty twenty one here on news a f- on crystal it's about being asked is time for with. Yeah that's right. The actual factual news team is back again for another week of Af news stories and here with us is a man who is surrounded by art. Here is the wonderful ties apostle you all. I'm doing great. It's not only that. I'm surrounded by if you'll notice. Have art here on this side but on this side it's empty frames. Where will be future. Art frames could be art themselves. That's true i have seen framer before and a good frame honestly as a work of art so i guess you're right. I am surrounded by art and yourself. You're an art of arts. Yes finest caster piece some would say yes some some have said that yes sir. Many

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