A highlight from AI Today Podcast: AI Education Series: Ethical & Responsible AI



Com explaining but also to give you a little bit of insight into that education. Exactly you know. As ron mentioned we do love listening. and you know when our podcast listeners. Reach out to us and there's multiple ways that we've engaged with you you reach out to us directly and you also come to our ai community events as well so You know please do keep coming to them. We have our data data fray i community. We have our ai in government community and others as well so You know events at dot com analytica dot com. You can find our library On our calendar of all events and then we have them recorded as well so you can go back and watch replays. If there's any that you're interested in but today for this podcast were sharing a bit about you. Know just a short clip with ethical responsible. Ai this topic comes up a lot with artificial intelligence. And i think that you know it's important to address because if we are going to be using ai more in our everyday lives. We need to make sure that we're doing it ethically and responsibly. And that people that are building and creating this also using it really truly understand what ethical and responsible. Ai means there's a lot of you know terminology that gets thrown around and people say one thing but mean another so in this small snippet. Hopefully you'll get a you know. Little glimpse into what ethical and responsible. Ai is how we frame the subject but if you are interested in learning more we do encourage you to go to courses dot com

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