Biden Campaigns for Newsom in California

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Happy tuesday morning and tuesday morning. Of course means it's election day somewhere right. There's a primary election in cuyahoga county ohio. Today there's a special election for a state house seat in iowa. I see you polk county. Let's be honest. The biggest election of the day the one that will directly affect forty million people and perhaps indirectly affect far more. Is the recall election for california governor gavin. Newsom it's a remarkable moment in our nation's history this recalls about catching you while you're sleeping remember. This ballot is a two. the first question is a simple one. Do you think governor gavin. Newsom should be kicked out of his job and if a majority of voters say yes you go to question two which is who besides gavin newsom should take his place then as for. Who's replacing them. I have a thought the end of the day we could be looking at just a governor serving the rest of his term or perhaps one of the most bizarre replacement projects since arnold schwarzenegger was just an actor. Abc's political director. Rick kleinman following this with bated breath so rick know we talked about how california could be his own country. What are the chances that its leader. Gavin newsom actually loses his job today. We'll brightest prospects live a lot better than they did a couple of months ago there was sort of a scare that got shot into the political landscape across california and nationally when a couple of polls came out that suggested that gavin newsom would would have a hard time getting to fifty percent of people saying that he should stay. That's the magic number more than half half the vote for him to stay for him to keep his job. It's different for the replacement candidate but the polls stabilized significantly vocalized with all kinds of energy. That you have here tonight to vote no on this republican recall and i'll tell you democrats in california. They are thrilled with the turnout numbers. They've seen they've seen people showing up about equal to their their share of the population. Which means for a democrat california. You're in pretty good shape so he could take hours beyond tonight or even into the next day or even next week depending on how close it is for all these votes to be counted keeping might every californian got a mail in ballot but gavin. Newsom feels pretty good. And i think that's one reason you saw president biden and a lot of other big guns. Try to make the case for him. Down the stretch

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