Bill Gertz: Diplomacy in the Name of Appeasement Is Still Appeasement


Universal is this in terms of the establishment understanding of china. The private sector's understanding of china. And way did it begin. Was it really kissinger. And nixon saying we have to open towards china. Can you give us the general following this for decades. Where did the rot big in. Yes this this process has been ongoing It's the reflection of the internal debate within the us government Specifically involving the climate change fanatics led by former secretary of state john kerry and the more realist policy makers Led by the china's are at the white house. kurt campbell. In the beginning of the biden administration the policy was very close to some of the trump administration's policies As i wrote in my column recently at the united nations joe biden made clear that he's reverting back to the appeasement policies they call it. diplomacy oriented but diplomacy in the name of appeasement is still appeasement. And that's what we're beginning to see. There's some welcome of this new policy on wall street which again has been seeking to do business in china for many years under the idea that if we just trade and do business with this communist state that it would have a modifying influence. It's been another failure. A lot of the wall street executives wanna go to that the banks however many of the us and international banks are recognizing that it's time to pull back from china. That things are going south very quickly there.

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