Turkey Dinner (MM #3840)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. If your Thanksgiving plans include a big Turkey dinner this year, you really need to plan ahead or plan for something else, because turkeys are another thing that won't be very prevalent around this fall, even for Thanksgiving for Christmas, whatever. And again, it's one of those situations like I was talking the other day where it's not just one thing causing this. One. Farmers didn't have as many workers so they didn't produce as much corn. The main thing that turkeys eat, corn in addition, not as many people working in the Turkey processing plants because of COVID because of the work shortage. So therefore, we could be in big trouble if we want Thanksgiving turkeys this year. For many people, it's Turkey or nothing else. It's one of those situations where it can mess up so many Thanksgiving plans and it may even be too late in some places. You've got to start stocking up ahead of time and luckily with turkeys, you can always freeze them. Now if you want a fresh Turkey, well, I think that's going to be almost impossible this year, but you have to plan ahead for the just in case. I think there are going to be a lot of things like that this coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. And we're just getting ready to find out exactly what

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