Why Do Humans Wear Clothes?


Mining's alethia from barbecue in ohio in six years ago. My question is why hoon's have to wear clothes. Many people think we started wearing clothing for practical reasons of warmth and protection basically my nine zombie charts and i'm address historian so i spend my time thinking about clouds in the past. And what plates can teach us about history. Ambush chart is going to guide us through a little bit of the history of the clothes we wear and why we wear them as she answers. The questions you've sent us like bacteria olivia's we didn't have like a lot of other animals steve so when modern humans began moving away from very warm places like continental africa into colder parts of the world. We need to protect ourselves. Somehow we need to wear something to keep us warm if it's very snowy outside or if it's very cold so this is one answer that we workloads for protection

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