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Road on weak in the fourth stuff. I'm sky Mike. The Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center from our ktrh Top tax defenders 24 Weather Center. Time to check in military Smith Find out about today could be Dodging the raindrops this morning. Better chance of dodging at this afternoon, Terry. Yes, I really do You think the bulk of our rain will be this afternoon, but you might see a shower to this morning. It's later today, though, When that cold front a little bit closer and we've got a little more instability will start to see those showers and thunderstorms. And the main thing today is that we are We have the potential to see some very heavy rain. Part of the reason is because these storms are going to be moving very fast. And so they could dump a lot of rain in one spot. That's no fun so beyond the alert for possibly some localized flooding with the wet weather today, temperatures are going to be running in the upper eighties to low nineties and by the way, it's a 70% chance of getting what today and tomorrow, says 60% chance of Showers and storms low nineties tomorrow. 30% chance of more rain Wednesday and Thursday. 40% Chance of thunderstorms Friday. So you get the idea. It's going to be a little soggy this week. Right now it's 81 your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh. 99 1 HD to its news radio 7 40 ktrh on FM to celebrate State farm Surprisingly great rates we gave the song surprisingly great leaders, same neighbor. When you claim get hard to file state Farm

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