A highlight from S5E10: Rickmurai Jack


It takes two episodes. But i'm travis everybody. I am brandon and welcome to part two of our special two part. Two part finale episode. Where we're talking about the second episode of the two part finale rick mariah yak. That's right that's right we. We are back only mere moments past. We didn't change our shirts dope. Say you know so you know. It's the same day of the week. And if you want to know where to follow us go listen to our previous episode in your podcast where we talk about episode nine Forgetting sarah marshall. Y'all so get your semi-permanent news and all of those other fun things in there. Thank you so much for for following us or or subscribed wherever you consume this content. But frankly we don't have time for all those other pets Because we have incredible series series seasonal season finale to talk about and mind you if you have not watched the tenth episode of season. Five of rick. And morty this is your only warning we will be discussing cannon in-depth spoilers bound so if you do not want to be spoiled on any of the events of that episode just just come on back after you've gotten a chance to watch the show but that's it it is it is it is now brandini ready. Because i'm i'm gonna. I'm gonna give you an opportunity thing one more time. Oh no oh oh. This is throwing everything off this. It's all new everything's do everything's everything is oh my gosh. Oh my yeah okay. Let's let's do it. Let's do all right without further ado. The only part of this episode. We're talking about. It's time for the main thing. Doodo dude up. Thank coming that you and the nighttime doodo doodo do. it's amazing. You got the main thing you put it in your pocket and then you take it out to putin it on a putter server to your friends and neighbors once covert gone. Yeah it's the main thing. Everybody whole my Well i struggled through this part of the show in our last episode so brandon over to you to give us the details of the episode. That we'll be talking. Oh man i feel. I feel bad because the names on this one are much easier than the less. I've literally talk to some of these people. Yeah all right so we are talking about the season. Five finale episode. Ten rick mariah jack air date september. Fifth of two thousand twenty one it was written by jeff loveness A longtime writer for the show. He says this is his last episode of the show And also scott martyred the executive producer who we had on interview not too long ago We'll we'll be talking. I will be alluding to some of the questions. We asked him in that interview here on this episode directed by jacob hair his first time directing an episode season guest starring. Cecilia galt lee harding. Who was also in the last episode and rob sh- rab ramp schramm. Travis why don't you. Why don't you give us the nazis. Trying something new bro. Doing a big. That's it are are synopsis for this. You finally did it to him. You evil mardi debut. These are growing. Yeah yeah i need more. I need it. I need more. I need more own from from that synopsis. There's an exclamation point at the end of that first sentence and you oh i didn't i didn't see i. It's it's more like a like charlton. Heston you finally did it. I'm you evil laurie. Damn you damn you'd how these two are growing. Then it goes growing pro right. If you if you have gotten this far you know what's up. This is the evil. Morty episode that you have been clamoring for this is this is a citadel switcheroo for the ages this is this is cannon fodder like like you've been you've been complaining on separate that's all season. This is the moment you've been waiting for and we are going to break it down by bit and dedicating every minute of this episode to this discussion first off. Brian did how are you.

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