Contrast to Marxist Belief, Our U.S. Military Are Noble Soldiers


Some four million American soldiers were mobilized to fight Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria in the Ottoman Empire. Over 116,000 Americans perished. Parrish. It won't work to more than 16 million American soldiers fought the German Nazis, Japan and Italy over 400,000 lost their lives. Sicily and Zia Atlantic. Normandy. Operation Dragoon the Bulge, he would Jima, Guadalcanal. Tearaway SaiPan, Okinawa, Too many to name During the Cold War with the Soviet Union. American soldiers fought the spread of communism, including in Korea. With the Soviet Chinese backed communists in the northern part of Korea Peninsula invaded the South. Over 5,700,000 Americans were engaged in that war, nearly 34,000 lost their lives. Almost three million Americans served in uniform in the Vietnam War, which was intended to prevent again the Soviet and Chinese backed Communist, in other words and part of that country from taking over the South. Over 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives. There have been many battles since. Including but not limited to Iraq and Afghanistan. And the war on terrorism. Contrary to the American Marxist slur that America is an imperial colonising force. Our soldiers are noble warriors. Of fought and died and still do. To protect and liberate the oppressed from one end of the world to the other. And, regardless of religion, skin, colour, ethnicity or race of the victimized And unlike some of our enemies, we do not seek to conquer other countries for the purpose of occupation and territorial

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