What We're Made Of: A Vaccine Pioneer and Her Olympian Daughter

ESPN Daily


Is first of all pablo is a gift of story. It's a reporter's dream julie. Foudy is an olympic and world cup champion with the. Us women's national team and now she's a soccer commentator and reporter for espn. You have a mom who is a scientist who has toiled for decades on something that she believes deeply in and this technology that led to the pfizer and modern vaccine. That's the scientific community took so long to understand to have a daughter who's an athlete who doesn't realize her full potential until later in life and their combined journey and a willingness to grind it out in the best ways and just figure it out along the way has literally changed the world and save millions of lives perseverance. That's pretty much my my life. My family's life in a nutshell and you spend time talking to these two women about their stories that are so intertwined julie there susan francia the daughter of the family in this world class rower defined odds and trying to keep forging ahead even when all sorts of challenges or being thrown your way. So what that's like in sports. My mom has lived at in science lot of ups and downs than you really appreciate those those ups

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