Former Vice President of Afghanistan Is Building a Resistance Biden Ignores


This is Washington bullcrap. Washington Bullcrap That's what it is. The former vice president of Afghanistan. With others has formed a resistance. In northern Afghanistan. I understand people want to focus on the former president of Afghanistan is corrupt. But the vice president The former vice president who is now officially under the Constitution, the president He's not corrupt. He's a fighter. Resistance is building in northern Afghanistan, and the Biden administration won't even take their phone call. Won't even take their phone call. And yet people say the Afghans won't fight. I told you before In seven years time 50,000 of them died and they weren't all shot in the back. They died fighting. Asked Joey Jones. Yes, Dan Crenshaw. Ask Brian Mast. Ask all these Americans. As retired Colonel Richard Kemp, commander. British forces. They fought. The Afghans. They fought to the death, especially their special forces. I went under Biden, the greatest military in the face of the earth leaves under cover of dark. The bargaining Air force. Which means they'll have no backup. Pulls out the CIA Intel Pulls out the contractors, the American contractors maintaining their helicopters and so forth. Does it without even talking. To that government or military to

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