Interview With Zach Coelius of Coelius Capital


Zach. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me longtime listener for caller huge fan of the work. You do good man while look. I've known you for a long time. Virtually and in your honor. I poured myself a glass of mud. Water which we can talk about later but we had the founder on the podcasts. I'm trying to remember about a year ago. Attitudes shown links is available. Shane's awesome fun story listeners. It's basically a mushroom coffee. Turn it yvonne. And i have sort of an issue. Which is i love coffee but like to my detriment. So i've been trying to go kinda half mud. Half coffey as a segue to not drinking a pod today in the morning. And it's working so far it's a nice blend so that's awesome. We'll come back to later. We're gonna talk about all things. Angel investing entrepreneurship wing foiling all sorts of odds and ends. You got a pretty say if there is a traditional path for angel or vc. You kind of have it right. It's the founder who starts out doing some companies and eventually start investing. Was that sort of the right path through yet. The only differences the traditional half is your founder start companies. You make of money and then you take that money and he wants to do with it and you start. Throwing things doesn't angel and my experience was founder starts in companies have facebook ripped my guts out and leave me dead in bleeding on the side of the streets and sort of like as i was crawling around trying to figure out what to do with my life. And like what your next i mean. I literally got gut. It is crazy Tell the story was crazy stories. I stumbled into back in two thousand fifteen the very beginning of angel angels syndicates and one of the companies that i had been advising for a long time a company branch metrics mobile deep linking platform and Ben arison who introduced mea through the seed and men when it happened. You guys mind if. I put a two hundred allocation angel. Listen see what happens. And they were like sure. Go for it inside like wrote the memo by awesome. It is literally january fifteen when endless syndicates. Were nothing put it out by email all my best friends unlike. Please look this in twenty four hours later. The allocation was full when i was like. I'm an investor. Now

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