Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing a Dramatic Surge in New COVID Cases


I want to read to you. Listen to this. From israel one of the most two or three most vaccinated countries in the world is real confirmed cases july fourth to july thirty. First okay that's the summer it's going to blow your mind. Ages twenty to twenty nine fully vaccinated. Who got confirmed cases. You're with me. I'll i'll read it to you. It's best to read it to you. In percentages the clearest what percentage of fully vaccinated israelis twenty to twenty nine have confirmed cases of covert seventy seven point two percentage of population that fully vaccinated is seventy one point nine percentage of cases fully vaccinated that have covert thirty to thirty nine. Seventy eight point three forty to forty nine eighty three point nine fifty to fifty nine eighty six percent sixty sixty nine ninety two percent seventy to seventy nine ninety three percent. That's something of confirmed. Cases in israel with covert that's the percentage of fully vaccinated. And by the way just for the record like in the say the seventy to seventy nine age group ninety two point eight percent of israeli of that age group vaccinate fully vaccinated

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