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Number ten deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One daniel duda. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We are beginning lesson ten. Remember do not forget in the quarter on deuteronomy. Dr daniel duda is our moderator. Larry will offer our opening for your gracious. God we thank you so very much for this memorial day weekend that we are celebrating for the memory that it brings all of the sacrifices that you have enabled people to participate in to secure our freedom throughout eternity. May we remember and not. Forget your many blessings on this your great sabbath increase name. We preach you amen. Amen thank you larry. And hello everybody of this memorial weekend for those of you in the united states. And what better lesson to talk about remember. Do not forget then this weekend. Of course people will be studying this at the end of november and then in december bad it makes it special for us. We have mentioned. This is less than number ten on the quarter in deuteronomy. And do you know what deuteronomy is all about saw. Moses has the final meeting with the children of israel and then he reminds them that they can get to know god and they can get to know go through remembering things and saw in chapters one to four he will remind them or what the life with god was after exodus. What happened before remember. He's talking to a new generation forty years after exodus. The people who did not experience exodus who have been bored during the time in the wilderness the desert and then in chapters five through eleven. He will remind them how they can get to know god to worship and then chapter twelve to twenty six through the law and the specific instructions to live as god's people and then chapters twenty seven to thirty four how they can prepare to live after moses. He's not around so normally. You have two quarters which are topical so you choose a topic like right now the rest of the world is studying about the covenant and then two quarters are textual but of course the author the quarterly decided to convert this into topical. Study so we bought flying all over. Deuteronomy would be interesting to map which chapters and verses we covered which once we cover twice three times and which ones we didn't cover at all but here we are lesson on remembering. So why is it important that he reminds these children of israel. The generation that was born in the wilderness that remembering is an important part of their religious experience. What would you say yes. I race if you don't understand that you have been delivered from egypt. You're bound to go right back to egypt. And maybe a comparison or a helpful to reflect as a person who has her roots in germany. The german people have decided after world war two to have a culture of never forgetting the purpose to keep that culture alive is so that the atrocities that happened. During the nazi hitler time in germany will never ever happen from the country of germany again. And it is a battle some tired of constantly being reminded of auschwitz and all these atrocities is hard to own that type of a history. That doesn't make you proud. But in light of what we see coming up in europe again you know anti-semitism and so forth it so vital that the german people never ever forget their painful history so that they may be able to learn from it and make decisions moving forward. That forward moving. So maybe there's a little bit of an analogy here. Why spiritually it's important to understand where we came from so that we stay the course and don't end up at a place where we never wanted to be very good. Well said i think it's important because it's evidence of god's character and how he treated them treats down so it can build trust if they could trust him and rely on him to protect them in the future because if they forget that then they go all kinds of weird directions and they did. Okay thank you david michael. I agree with what ira said. It is important for them to remember their heritage recall. But the circumstances were because it's easy to fall into a trap of of it was that vanity. No maybe got really didn't do much for us and it's the theme that plays out constantly in prison. Day circumstances there are number of holocaust. Deniers say that never happened at all. President eisenhower was in a general. Us army made a

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