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Come to the island of samar some back to school today. I'm going to be sharing. A personal story called the routine. Let's call the main character in the morning. Wakes up as a sign starts to shine through window feels very happy about today. As today as their first day of school air so excited to learn about so many new things meet new friends and enjoy the most school sides to start by brushing their teeth. So they have a healthy claim. Smile and that aside take a shower. This is all of my morning routine a very happy that they have a routine to stick to as they know exactly what to do in the morning and they are most protective with their time. Decides to go changed for s- call eight aside to pick up beautiful blue skirt and some beautiful shoes that they're going to wear these were gifts from family and whenever a worse they feel very happy so a decides to go eat some breakfast for going on the bus to school that way. They have the energy from the food. Just start the score day. Far getting on the bus takata school forgets. their backpack. backpack has a lot of important skull papers and while is the first day of school. I had a lot of papers from last year that they could not clean up just yet so brings backpack and their lunch and is ready to the bus sas goodbye to their parents and hops on the bus. It is a twenty minute bus ride as house to the school his thinking about all the fun things that they'll do on the first day of school well on the bus ride. A can't wait to meet their friends. They haven't seen the entire summer. And i excited to meet their new teacher who i heard mice rally as a bus pass up to the school feel some nostalgia remembering from three months ago. That beautiful score that walked out of to start. The summary remembers the beautiful classrooms and all the smiling friendly faces as they walk in the skull meets with whether friend air super happy to see each other because as i mentioned previously they hadn't seen each other in quite some time i say we're walking through the halls that talked about all the many things they did during the summer. Break a talked about the camping trip that their family went on and their friend talked about going to the movies. Many different times was almost at the classroom classroom number. Twenty as i walked into the classroom. They met their teacher teacher with a very happy face and greeted them as they walked in. There were very excited to see whether it be setting. Were sitting in a very frank growl so they took their seats and sat down onto task. West a pencil and eraser. Some paper some colorful pencils and some tiny toys realize that they were a gift from their teacher and smiled at nine. A teacher again. Crimes said welcome to everyone and began to write on the chalkboard. They talked about the wonderful things that this year would bring including many field trips many activities and the many spirit days at the school a was obviously very excited for this as they had been waiting experience all the money fund things so on a big smiling face after that. They all decided to play a game where a got to know all of their classmates. Well a new some of them previously got to meet and make a lot more friends. It was a great experience after that was directed to the next class which was missing. They decided to go to the music room where any finally got to pick out a name. Music instrument h house trumpet. Because a thought it was cool of how champion was used in so many important things so when i tried to play. The trump at was quite amusing. Because i had obviously not playing the trumpet before so everyone was kind of laughing to themselves but it was okay because a very happy about it as well. After music went to gym class. They were very interested about gemma's bell because they had the opportunity to try out for the junior team for soccer something they had been waiting anxiously for for a long time when to see what the requirements were to try out for the soccer team and everything was good so asked the cup. When can i try out for the soccer team. Cop said the practices for the tra- will start tomorrow. At six am was surprised at how early they wear but decided it was okay because they were really happy about the soccer team that to their final class and that was art psych and the all other courses of the day felt very happy about art on their desk received colorful pencils paint a paint brush and many other art supplies. The art teacher was very happy to see a as a was an excellent student and their class so our teacher explained all the different types of art. They will be creating this year. An a. was very excited after this a started to reflect as a walk down the school hall thought about all the wonderful things they had done today at school. They were so excited to see what the rest of school year. What brain and they decided to always have a smiling race walking into school because school made them so happy as a walked on the bus sat down and the bus driver started to take them home about what they were going to be doing tomorrow and that smell to their face as pay cut off the pass and walk to their parents and said. How was your day. Ev responded with a very big smile saying it was a great day.

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