A highlight from S3 E215: Mindspeak -- Thoughts on All Things Dune


Thank you very much for joining me. I really appreciate the email already. Got about the afghanistan. Which was all i and solman in in a new type of show that we have here something estimates for more of the global arts and global affairs now i would normally put the topic of the book of dune and that some of the more literary shows i do which is to be human but in this particular case. I'm gonna leave it in mind. Speak because it goes. Father did just a book. We're gonna be talking about The comic talk about various movie in cable incarnations. You don't talk about some of the facebook stuff that we put together some comments here from the internet you know et cetera et cetera. So really goes beyond just simply a book. So i i think it really fits more in the mind speak I setting of this going a little bit bigger and a little bit wider. Okay now the title of the show is thoughts on all things dune about. I know it might sound really encompassing listened to the show but listened to the other shows why i've done the These for authors or in some in some books as well thoughts exactly mean that that means that it can't cover everything in our an hour and ten minutes of all the the universe of doom is simply can't especially since dune has expanded over the last twenty something years where the son and his partner got together and they wanted to but the prequels and tell you something about when they had the machine age in an artificial challenges taken over in the sample you know etc etcetera etcetera. Sometimes there's even two camps so to speak. You got the people that that love of june the people that only like the prequel stuff and like the the regular original dune stop. He's got the original. Don't people need to hate the other stuff. And that's one of the reasons. Why mike and i got together and sort together A facebook group a new discussion group called weirding way and we did that mainly because it was important to find a place where people can discuss and people can and even disagreed but do it in a in a fair efficient manner adults. All the silly stuff that you see a lot of these groups become it becomes political nonsense. Oh name calling or even gets down so bigoted comments and substance necessary. It's it's silly and also it's important in both the reading way and even on this show that will cover as many of those aspects as we can. I mean i. I have no problems hollywood. I favor when. I don't favorite but it doesn't really ain't harm gonna treat a things because it's still needs to be treated with respect. There's a lot of people who love those. I guess you could say prequels. And there's nothing wrong with people's in fact their concepts of every foul it's is not the same as the other books and that's also fair. Comments is saying that's how sometimes people get into these arguments because guess what they don't normally start off being mean negative nasty to usually the stating what they feel is the obvious to them. And that's fine. Because it's obvious to me i don't quote or tell you about the prequels and has gone through this show about what i like them. I don't like about them. I've read so it's not about some criminal someplace or yeah my My fourth friend. My uncle's side told me that machine war was awesome. Yeah it's not like that at all. it's i read them all. I own the mall. So i have no problem having opinion because i can easily tell you what i feel about that versus the original books and where they could be useful when it cannot be. They do have a place in the dune ververs nat just. Because they have the name dune on which is sometimes the criticism you get people to brand tangier. Ni- it's not doubt it's more than that.

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