A highlight from EPISODE #7T3 Trouble Sneaks In! The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Even though the world's most brilliant scientists. Dr floyd is currently trapped in the world of classic literature with his arch. Nemesis evil mastermind. Dr steve time is constantly marching forward. Back in settle river city and although currently dr grant is on his way back from the national sidekick academy after being made an apprentice and chip says returning from a robot home world after helping her mother and father. Dr floyd secret underground laboratory is not quite as empty as you might imagine. Screw amid either the variable fort knox like security of dr floyd secret laboratory is batch for the likes of mate cousin oliver who of course guarded ventilation shaft. The trustees saddle river city raccoon scout pocket knife held to. I must say sure was fortuitous. That those time and space words came across me floating aimlessly and the time and space stream. All i had to do was to promise to deliver this letter from their princess. Dr floyd and they set me back to present day. Saddle river city. It appears as though is if everyone is gone and the labs empty better. I've waited this long for revenge. I could buy my time. A little logger. I'll just place this letter for the princess. Here and find myself a hiding place where i could lie awake for dr floyd simply slide inside this bettle cylinder that says rubbish receptacle on the side whatever that beads go sued that will be dr floyd pay for only stranding be in the time and space street with heave return. I shall have my and as these evil plots are laid. We must take our leave of this. Twenty episode of dr floyd diabolical plans. The off jettison cousin. Oliver have in store for unsuspecting hero. When if dr lloyd escapes the world of literature will he be prepared to deal with said diabolical plans and seriously how does cousin oliver non know what rubbish receptacle means. I don't speak reg Yeah

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