Democratizing Access to Hospital-Grade Disinfection with Eli Harris, President of R-Zero

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Talk to us a little bit about our zero. What is it that you guys are doing. how are you adding value to the healthcare ecosystem. Yes so it was almost sixteen months ago. Now with the academic. I started a a ticket hold. I got in touch with the two mentors in mind. Both entrepreneurs who i've known for about a decade and the three of us started talking about how there's certain events throughout history that just create everlasting societal and infrastructural changes in a dork way. We kinda like in what was happening of the pandemic to nine eleven. How after nine eleven. We have the department of homeland security. You have. tsa fourteen thousand agents. You still can't take a water bottle of where shoes through the airport. You go to a ballgame. You walk through a metal detector. These are all new standards that were created and adopted post nine eleven in some of these psychological star tissue after that event accelerated decrease adoption of those standards. But we never arrest fundamentally the world took on a new posture around security in all shared spaces at our thesis. Fear was at this event of the pandemic was going to broaden that word security to biosecurity to biosafety and in the standards that all organizations are gonna fold as they regard a human health in the safety of their staff their patrons of their communities at large so what we did. Kind of unpacking the disinfection industry. And we've learned quickly that this is a massive industry. Hundreds of billions of dollars market cap governed by these goliath players. Ecolab clorox se. johnson diversey. All of these companies are extremely old. Some over a hundred years old and more or less all pushing commodity chemicals and our response to the pandemic was to go around and host buildings down the chemicals. And that's what we did in. This industry has not evolved with the technology that is becoming become commonplace in almost every other industry. It's extremely antiquated in what we're doing with chemicals. I mean there's there's a lot of limitations there one is. They're not always that effective. There's a lot of human error and how they're applied there's a massive labor cost a massive op ex chemical costs at. It's horrible for the environment. So we got in touch with. Dr richard wade and dr wade actually ran cal osha for fifteen years. He taught at harvard oxford. Uc irvine. We like to call him. The michael jordan's disinfection. He's he's forgotten more about this industry than most of us will ever learn. And he's quite special but he let us on a study to really understand. What are the best tools that exist in infection prevention today. And why have we not democratized access to those

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