Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Shocking Press Briefing


Pentagon had a press briefing a remarkable remarkable press briefing for what was not answered and the way that they actually skirted the real issues. This is a man who is a disgrace to the uniform. He wants war. He is the official press spokesman for the pentagon. Admiral john kirby who was telling us The state of america in afghanistan. Today video cut eleven. Play cops john who's guarding the. Us embassy right now who will guard after the us military pulls out. Are there any contingencies. I do you have an agreement with the taliban and in terms of the airport. Do you have an agreement with any nato allies to keep like the turks to keep the airport open after the us. Military pulse out. So i understand i know. There's no military assets guarding the embassy compound the us embassy is operating out of hamid karzai international airport as for the turks they are still on ground at the airport assisting in this security mission that we have there. I won't speak for their intentions one way or another going forward but there's not going to be when the mission is over and when we are leaving the airport the airport will not not be the united states our responsibility anymore so how it gets managed going forward will be something that that the taliban who are now in kabul we'll have to manage them on their own and i assume with with the international community but that won't be an american responsibility. How did that man get to be the the official press spokesperson for the pentagon. How did that man get to be an admiral. How on earth did he get to be an admiral in the us. Navy is the question. john. Kirby can't give answers and the most the most egregious of all is the fact that this man can't answer the future of us representation on the ground in afghanistan. It is

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