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Full approval this week with that chip away at their argument the vaccine to unsafe and mandates illegal. I medical ethicist by. Captain will join us to discuss on jared going in for jim brady condescending south molton went on an unauthorized fact-finding mission to afghanistan amid the evacuation was it inactive courage or did it compromise evacuation efforts national security expert. Juliet takes on this and other national security headlines ahead on boston public radio. Boston public radio. I am margery eagan. Jim barry is on vacation. Jat boeing executive arts editor g. h. is sitting in for jim. Hello jared good morning marjorie. I think this is a good day. It'd be in the air conditioning studio. It was last. Night was so hot when i got home other. We'll be like tomorrow now. Last week we had the the ways of rain and the flooding and this week ninety degrees. I mean i can't take it. i can't take it. We ask art kaplan about about climate change next but not today we get too much else going on joining us on the phone right now. Is art caplan. We're gonna talk about three kobe. Vaccine's us the united states are available now under the fda standard called emergency use authorization. That was just until monday now. The pfizer vaccine has been granted full. Fda approval and the maternal and johnson and johnson will soon follow our cap on medical ethicists. As i said he says the vaccine hasn't seen their argument against the vaccine mandates slipping away and he joins us on the line to talk about this artist. Dr william effort. Virginia county midday professor and founding held the division of medical ethics. Nyu's school of medicine in new york. City hello are kaplan and by the way jarod will like my pool. I have a pool. Here where i am in connecticut and it was overrun last night by frogs biblical plagues all the rain. Bright out these frogs there must have been a hundred of them jumping around the pool. Waiting for boils to appear now the heat to know. i think it was the water supply. They just like flourished in the in in all that rain. We didn't get much. What kind of like you guys. But we got a ton of rain. Seems to be the thing now. Do you wanna go by fire or by water art. Climate change closes in. I'm thinking the frog spa. Sounds pretty good. So so you've been one of the biggest advocates in the country. You're all all over the place in the media and the press talking about this for vaccines and for mandates. So what difference is pfizer vaccine being fully. Fda approved gonna make are gonna makes a huge difference. I think it's a big moment in the pandemic.

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