Tarek El Moussa Allegedly Calls Ex Christina a Loser

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Between christina reportedly got real on the set are flung according to tmz tareq totally went off on christina. Allegedly calling her a loser and says he's winning amongst other things now. People think christina is responding on instagram writing. Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors remember that before making judgments sumptious all facts but by the way neither of them got love it first cider forever like what divorce from each other so what is like what is he talking about. It's just crazy. But i feel like this post is confirming. It happened one second. When you heard this that this did not happen. I look turk has been on the show. He's been nothing but lovely. Sean not going to say that. I he seems like that type of guy but i could see tar getting in your face. He was pitchy this one hundred percent yet but he was supposedly upset yet. Hose of the smoking of the toad because of the kids and things like that look. Does she smoke the towed in front of the children now. they just spoke about it. This was like she was on a quest. She you know she. It was a different journey with her ex and they smoked amphibian venom. Here's the thing off. And i hate to say this because rich people do this all the time. They always say amicable by the way. No matter if you laugh your ex because you decided that you wanted to be a lesbian. And he decided he wanted to be a monk. No matter what happens there still some strife in that relationship is still upset so if you put on a united front like these two to save the age. Tv show to save their family and put their things aside. You have before you go into that. It's amicable thing. Get all your grievances out on the table. Because if you don't they end up coming i

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