Sam Darnold's Time Is Coming


I'm gonna start with arguably my most controversial take of the day sam darnold. What's the heartache. And if he is he gonna go sir. Not darnold in slinging. Sam darnold three year career. He's never finished inside of the top. Twenty five at the quarterback position. He's also never thrown for over thirty one hundred yards or twenty touchdowns in a year his career completion percentage sits at fifty nine percent in addition if we look at last year specifically. It's his worst year of his career. Twenty two hundred yards through the air nine touchdowns and eleven interceptions in twelve games. If your take is that sam darnold is bad like you. Just prove that. He's bad like. I don't know where you're going with this but darnold is bad. You're trying to say is gonna finish outside of qb. Thirty two sam darnold careers. Been absolutely terrible. Nobody is going to argue that including myself. It would be pretty easy for somebody to up his career as of bust in move on and in fact. Almost everybody is already done that rightfully so sam. I am one of the few people that still truly believes in you. I'm here to tell you why showtime darnold is going to finish the season as a top twelve quarterback showtime where nicknames coming from you top twelve top twelve quarterback darnold the prospect in darnold product have been polar opposite so far. But let's remember that he was a number three overall pick in the two thousand eighteen draft. He went ahead of josh allen and lamar jackson. The reason he was drafted ahead of them is because scouts were drooling over his size his arm strength and his playmaking ability on the day of the two thousand eighteen draft dane brugge a well-known senior analyst for nfl draft scout listed darnold as the clear number one quarterback in the draft. Obviously that hasn't been the case but the point that i'm trying to make is a talent was there and i know space jam to just came out and unless the monster stolas talents. I'm confident in saying that. Those talents are still in that

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