A highlight from The O'Reilly Update, September 20, 2021


Bill o'reilly here monday september twentieth. Two thousand twenty one. You're listening to the o'reilly update. Here's what's happening. Today in america migrants from haiti surge at the southern border. The white house considers vacs mandates for domestic air travel. A new poll shows. More americans worried about inflation than the pandemic demonstrators fell a show up in washington. Dc to protest arrests in the capital incursion also ahead. President biden is deceiving. All of us. But i the bite administration struggling control thousands of haitians and others waiting at the. Us mexico border the massive group gathering under a bridge in del rio texas if they're making the month long track from the caribbean and other central american places. The white house authorizing dozens of flights to move the migrants back to haiti and as i said other countries and total at least two hundred thousand people illegally of entered the usa in august. Two hundred thousand a three hundred twenty percent jump compared to the same time last year situation at the border remains out of control. The fed's not ruling out a vacs requirement for air travel dr fao. She says quote. I would support that. If you wanna get on a plane and travel with other people you should be vaccinated if enacted. The measure was barca flurry of lawsuits from tourism companies and republican governors. You survey from fox. News says more americans are concerned about the economy than coverted. Eighty two percent believe inflation poses the worst threat to the nation compared to seventy four percent. Who say the virus does lower on. The list is afghanistan followed by unemployment highest rate of inflation in. The usa occurred under president. Carter jumping nearly eight percent in nineteen seventy eight. The far-right protest in dc attracted few followers. Only about a hundred people turned up. It was organized. By supporters of those imprisoned after the january six incursion into the capital for people were arrested. The demonstration was hide for days on cnn msnbc. Today six hundred people have been arrested in connection with the january six riot at the capitol building in a moment a case for presidential deception. That is next parents. Have you been as frustrated as i have with the messages kids are being taught today in school and in the media castle culture. Wokers them socialism. On and on. That's why i am so glad to tell you about the title twins books. These children's books help. Parents teach their kids traditional ideas. They've already sold about two point. Five million bucks kids love them. Parents love that their kids are learning the

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