Gabby Petito: Timeline of Missing Woman's Cross-Country Road Trip


Let me tell you. Notice story about of gabby petito in her boyfriend bryan laundry. Do you feel you and this is why if you have daughters stories like this is the reason why call my daughter three or four times a day right now. Gabby petito and brian laundry boyfriend girlfriend notch normal boyfriend and girl from them have my anxiety going through the roof the zion a little bit so they were kind of like no matter where they would rent truck they would drive all over the country. They would take pictures. They would do blogs right so the fact that she didn't speak to her mother in a couple of days was normal. So you know after a week. Mom said look. I haven't spoke to my daughter what's going on. It was just weird so she reached out to the boyfriend bryan laundry. He didn't answer his phone. He didn't call her back. Seem pretty way called family than in a family would answer So she filed a missing persons report like she should've after filing a missing persons report. Police went to brian laundries house which is out in florida family's house and when they asked. Hey you know wisdom young lady Blog you travel world together. What's going on. They gave him the lawyers number. He got into loyd new to me. They're ready lloyd. Up gave molloy all calculated of leaving the question. He already added lawyer ready. Okay bass right has made him a person of interest kind of weird right you give number. You don't say what happened. They're not talking at all now. His girlfriend is missing his young ladies missing. She's from long island the away. Nobody says nothing. So now they find his body over the weekend in a wyoming on national forest park that they believe the remains are hers so now they believe he's a person interested in now. They can't find him he got. They don't know what he's he's more than a person of interest in. I mean i guess you got the. He's still a person of interest for legal purposes but clearly he's a suspect at this point as the same thing right person interest suspect. I don't know yeah. So a tic tac claims she was a drive-in and brian laundry hitchhiking. He jumped in a car and as they were saying they will go into that same. We call her tucker that. That's that's so insane. I thought i referred are referred to ask taco they said her name is miranda miranda bake- baker said her and her boyfriend seen him he was hitch-hiking he jumped in a car and said hey we go into the park with remains found not that popular with going to the park and he's got crazy jumped out the car and ran off. They said that deal. That was weird but now they're realizing that was probably weird. 'cause that's probably where he knew. The body was lord. Have mercy so i hope they catch him

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