F.D.A. Approves New Drug for Flu


Hyun Jin Ryu just in time for flu season, the FDA approving a new drug that is showing promise when it comes to fighting the disease accent seventies. Brian paying has a live report sits called so flus developed in Japan and soon to they available. At your local pharmacy does work if he used it with Demi clue or use it with other drugs that are used for influenza. It may work even Becker. They may augment other and have a synergistic effect. Dr Simone rota Krishna of dignity health, California medical center, says unlike tamiflu this new drug works in just one dose took one pill, and you didn't have to worry about taking anymore. And so the chance that someone did not finish the prescription the chance that they might get resistant was not there. Now, this drug is not perfect. It hasn't proven very effective as of yet against influenza b but it still regarded in some medical circles as the biggest advancement against

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