Game Preview: Dolphins at Patriots

Even Money


The Miami Dolphins, three Miami Dolphins at the New England, Patriots patriots favored by seven and a total. Here's forty eight. So I'm looking at the underlying data for these two teams, and there's no question that the dolphins have not just been better, but been they much better team, but the pot, the spot. Screams for the patriots to bounce back. I'm gonna trust the underlying numbers a little bit more, but going against the New England team that's off back to back losses. I can't do it. I lean dolphins. I'm gonna put one unit on the dolphins just because the numbers at seven, seven and a half anywhere Steve or seven everywhere you're looking seven hundred number or so. Make sure by the way, Todd Bergman l. Birdman on Twitter, Todd, make sure you got me at getting seven units, seven points for the Vikings. I'm putting a unit on the dolphins. They've been the better team. I don't think they're going to win the game. I think the patriots win the game, but I wouldn't be shocked if the dolphins one. And I do think that they keep a close. I love putting unit on teams. I wouldn't be surprised if they win the game and they're getting a decent amount of points. Gimme gimme the dolphins, one unit getting those seven points

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