Interview with The Last Dragon star Taimak

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Hey, you listen. Not with pain that you. Is a crime. Jonah classroom, you play. In all each e. What. From, are you? We're here with another addition, talk nerdy to me. I'm choice stagner with my co host Patrick Potter zone, and we had the distinct honor of interviewing time. Ach, the star of last dragon, the ultimate kung FU movie, not just the eighties of ever ever. I guess you too. Yeah, yeah. So that was, yeah, we were making sure it was like, okay, we want to screw this up the furry for sentence that we'd come came out of our mouths, we moan and make sure it was just they just produce me and I was mumbling below. I didn't know what those, but of course, as so one anyway is -actly. So how you enjoying again? Great. Great. I mean, I got off the plane and I'm here. Rivaz great. It's a little different streets knee really well. So if the head me everything's great little little different temperature from New York. Well yeah. Well it was nice today is really humid and not. So of course we're here talking to you about the one of the greatest movies ever last dragon. So now coming on thirty thirty third year thirty eight five eight thirty third year. Third. Yeah. This hard Mathis hard. Yeah. Exactly. So, yeah. So we kind of wanted to talk about. I actually had a couple question because I've been my original DVD. This is my personal DVD. Yeah, just waiting. I couldn't find my HSA. So. So the one that asked you a couple of questions about last dragon, so. I personally wanted to know one thing and I know there's going to be a pretty stupid question. What was in the tank I needed to know in every last. I know I, I can't answer. I'm going to go to my grave. It's going to be the Pulp Fiction, suitcase thing. Nobody's going to know what it is maybe in this Posad next project about last dragon. Maybe they'll come up with something. We haven't a next. I don't know. I don't get a hold of, you know what I'm saying? You know, I had a question. You were talking about your, you know the pronunciation of your name. Is there a meaning behind that name? Yeah. My father used to take every kid many years ago and back then there was no internet and he never saw the kid. Again, he just remember him much love this kid and his name was taymor and my father didn't know the spelling and he was native American mix race kid. And the name is actually of a as God that helped the poor. And so he just spelled my name differently. It was the bowels European ball's t. time. Yeah, so that's where it came from. Actually, the guys named Johnson, oh, he's a. World judo champion. He took the Olympia and everything. So so you're you're when you first started at now, you probably asked this, you actually catch the the teeth, of course. Well down, it would be very, wanna. See. All right. We're gonna get how many takes was that. Nine of them in the. All right. I'll be running. To try. Anyway. Yeah, no, I caught the arrows thing was they weren't short. So when they came, they were lighter, would they didn't want to kill me in the first few scenes that we're gonna be shutting last ragged so, but I did catch. Yeah. Shot an order. If something big, go wrong, they want to do that in the beginning of the movie and the end. Like I said, they trust me. I was, you know, already skilled martial artists and I had great timing and it just worked out where I was. Yeah. I mean, it was like a, it was a barge, and then the handed all set up you. It was like really fun for me. The most amazing barge. I mean, you know. The most amazing teacher there at the master. A New York like that. I can't even imagine what the right would go

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