Under fire Danske Bank faces fresh money laundering inquiry


Power of these tech companies. Now you bring up the fact that they're becoming a media company. And of course we had AT and t. Time Warner merger which included CNN and of what the judge said in his ruling was looking at the outsized power of these companies in the digital advertising space. You see that response, but is regulation. The right strategy are finds the right strategy is any of that going to make a difference when you consider how large the market capitalization of these four or five companies are. So when you have a company like Google with one hundred billion dollars in cash and you find five billion dollars, what you're actively telling Google to do is to continue to break the law. If you had a parking meter in front of your house, that cost one hundred dollars an hour, but the ticket was twenty five cents. You would continue to break the law and that's what we've been telling these companies to do with fines. That might sound large dollar terms, but in terms of impact aren't that large, you ask what we should do. I believe regulation has unintended consequences. I think GDP are has actually emboli. And strengthen these companies position. I believe that the future to oxygen eight, the marketplace is to break these guys up. I think antitrust action is the way to go that there is a real risk of that. Now, I know that the US attorney general Jeff Sessions having a meeting with states attorneys generals next week to discuss this very topic restarting to hear that word, antitrust rebates starting to hear the word monopoly associated with some of these companies. Is that a growing regulatory risk for these mega tech companies? Could you actually see them getting broken up? I used to think there was no way because Amazon is eighty eight fulltime lobbyists in DC. We in the US I would say suffer a little bit from what I call this gross idolatry of innovators and billionaires. We see them as our heroes, but I do think there is a movement of foot now, whether it happens out of DC, I would say most likely, no. I think the pushback is gonna come out of Brussels and possibly a red state. We're an attorney general in that state's he's at the brightest blue line path. The governor's mansion is to make an argument against these tech. Companies to quite frankly probably haven't been good. Have they been going for California? Yes, New York s? Has it been good for Kansas? What's happened to the ad agencies? The retailers, the businesses in those states. I think a lot of these red states have decided, you know, big tech it. We've been net losers here, so I don't think it's going to come out at DC at might the DOJ should absolutely do its job. The call to restrain. The acquisition of this company was read in comparison to the power of these other companies. So I actually do believe there's there is a non zero probability now that the DOJ or the FTC or a state AG Michael after these companies and accused him of anticompetitive behavior and propose antitrust and breaking up as a solution. It's an interesting paradox because you have Amazon yet to announce the second location for its headquarters, and you have, you know, local mayors and governors of morning Amazon at the same time. You see it coming under increasing potential enemy trust scrutiny and other bad headlines following it as well. Do you. You see public opinion changing at all toward the power of these big tough tech companies. While at the same time, we're also dependent on the warm is absolutely turned two years ago. The only argument was is more Christ. Like we're going to be the next president among their see is really the weaponization of the Facebook platform by the GRU of the Russian government changed everything. And now. Oh, citizens. Citizens have are starting to feel a lot more wary about these firms, but you brought up an interesting point the competition to be the host of the next age. Q. and regulation are linked Stephanie because the next headquarters for Amazon will be Washington DC, the metro area, and the reason why, and it was always going to be DC is one the basis have a home there, and CEO gets to pick with a company. Second headquarters are going to be. And so the only thing standing in between Amazon, Amazon's valuation of one trillion in two trillion is regulation, and no one is going to regulate the individual. The throws out the first pitch at the two thousand nineteen opening game of the Washington nationals which will be Jeff Bezos. This competition was a Reuss to transfer wealth from fire departments and school departments to this shareholders of Amazon. It was always going to be DC. This has been a terrible abuse of the Commonwealth. And how many lobbyists does Amazon have in DC right now. Last check Eighty-eight fulltime lobbyists in DC, Scott Galloway. We're gonna have to see if you're right on that. It's going to be embarrassing of announce big Indianapolis. Well, DC could certainly use the jobs, Scott. Thank you so much. Thank you. Let's turn to Europe and the massive money laundering case that shaking the financial world is he? Oh, of Dansk of Bank is out a new report from the firm details. It's employee's failure to conduct basic due diligence on customers and managers, failure to heed warning signs. The tentacles of the investigation and the alleged wrongdoing are spreading regulators in the United States, Denmark and Estonia, or all probing, dansko bank's operations and the probes center on the banks, tiny subsidiary in Stony a- lax controls. They're allowed through more than two hundred thirty billion dollars. They came from thousands of suspicious customers outside Estonia and that dollar amount is nearly twice what was previously reported. The Bank is alleged to have become a conduit for money coming from Russia and former Soviet states. The allegations are linked with fraud cases exposed by Bill. Browder anti-us former lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who was murdered in a Russian prison. Bill Browder himself was kicked out of Russia. He has since filed several criminal complaints over dansko banks. Behavior Bill is the CEO of Hermitage

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