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Sound. Like, I said to see them go. But like also said we all have a job for the form. And we have a job to do. And if we don't do it, then people lose a job. So. Been put into the position. I am performance. You know every day in practice. And then of course, every day every time we have the game and perform to the level of the Broncos offense certainly has been up and down at times. But when it's been up it's been because they've been able to run the ball. So of affectively Philip Lindsey has been tip of that spirit. Royce Freemen's look good. Involuntary Booker add probably best game as a Bronco last week. Seventy eight yards on the ground and other Twenty-three catching the ball out of the backfield. But Philip Lindsay as I mentioned leading all rookie rushers. Five hundred thirty one yards six in the NFL in rushing. And he knows that the run game will be a big key today against Houston. Our our offense align is hungry, and they're attacking attacking people in. That's how you do it. Continue to help help him out by making the right? And I gotta make people miss, but we're going to be a physical with the same mentality can't change it. So as we close out the Broncos offense and shift our attention to the Broncos defense and slowing the Texans down. We'll hear from Broncos offensive coordinator Bill must grave Vance. Joseph downplayed the Maria's Thomas being traded right before you play the Houston Texans to Houston saying, hey, the game plan wasn't in yet. I'm not sure I agree with VJ. I think that even though the game plan is not there. He certainly knows. The offense is tendencies and knows what they liked to do. I'm sure he sat down with defensive coaches from Houston and went through what every play concept is. And who's being targeted where I'm sure the Broncos had to work extra to change their checks Peyton Manning. Did that every week anyway, where you're his audibles? And then he knows every weakness of this defense. I talked Broncos player this week. And he goes he knows where all of our weaknesses are. And we'll see whether it's Tremaine Brocker Chris Harris junior on them again. No, Bradley, ROY. Be no Brandon Marshall, they're both banged up. And so you got to think that with Germaine Brock is again them and Adam Jones as well as when Chris arizon- DT he knows how to be effective against him. But offense coordinator Bill must grave doesn't seem to be that bothered either by DT now in the other locker room sharing his knowledge of the Broncos with the Texans coaches. I'm sure they've debriefed him and things.

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