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One eight six six five zero JIMBO is our number as we talk to Sharon in crane, Missouri. Good evening. Sharon, welcome. Good evening, Jim. And professor totally I speak to you. The thing that scares me about what's going on campuses is it brain spat. I mean, I wasn't alive during World War Two. I was born in forty eight. But I I have read and studied about Hitler and his Brown shirts and the same kind of rabid. Feelings and. Notions seem to be. I mean more prevalent in. Happening on the campuses. There's one thing that you very important to mention and that is Hitler came to power in large part with the support of university professors intellectuals leading philosophers like Martin Heidegger and students the first books that will burn burn at the university in Munich, and they will burn by students and Stalin had the support of students. And so, you know, when we think of students, we think older such wonderful young people some of the most dangerous and extreme not only ideologies, but actions have grown out of university students who tend often to be extremists and to just buy into radical extremism on both sides. It is. Incredible. But but that's exactly true. But what just said that that somehow centers of intellect could be where the sort of thing begins, and that's that's that's beyond tragic to Al in north Dallas, grieving, Al welcome. Nestor Dershowitz, I've been George in the past year discussions with Dennis Prager on the left. Country and. As pointed out to you that number one American democratic nominal democratic American voters are largely unaware that the Democratic Party has been taken over by leftism. That's what they need to see is the danger and this new in America is coming from the left and therefore instead of running against Iraq Obama or Hillary Clinton instead of naming any that's the GOP candidates need to run against the tenets of let this sentence item to the American people. Do you agree with that? I think that there's an effort by the hard left to take over the democratic Corey there's no question about that. And there are some young radicals who won recent elections, but the mainstream of the Democratic Party is still Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They may not be the most delectable people, but they are centrists. And the reason I remain a democrat. Even though I recognize that there is now more anti-semitism anti-israeli attitudes among people on the democratic less than within the Republican party. I am struggling to keep the Democratic Party centers in traditional. I wanna keep these issues bipartisan issues, I'm not giving up on the Democratic Party. I may some day. But right now, I still think the mainstream of the Democratic Party is not so different from the mainstream center is the Republican party. The real enemies are the extreme left and the extreme right? Basic American values and wanna see radicalism takeover. But there's a fear among the mainstream of what the left could do. Joe Crowley that New Yorker at Republican democrat house member prominent member defeated by Alexandria across your Cortez with no money and organization look at Dianne Feinstein in California because of the California primary law. No Republican is on the ballot. She is facing a another democrat who was challenging her on the left, and she and that candidate has the backing official back you the Democratic Party at as many of these people are frightened to death of saying anything critical of the hard left. I think that's right. And they're even frightened of saying anything critical Farrakhan? And that's why you don't hear very many Democrats doing what they ought to do both parties are guilty of trying to expand their base sometimes to extremists at the cost of principle. And I think both parties have to insist that they draw the line. Republicans have done a better job. When William Buckley, basically attack, Patrick, Buchanan and said, Pat, Buchanan really is crossed the line into anti-semitism and really has no role in the conservative movement. Wasn't he transforming event in American lights? And I'd like to see a Democrat Bill. Buckley, do the same thing. But it hasn't happened yet. More to come with our guest Allender show. It's and again, you can follow him on Twitter at Allender sh L A N D E R S H back in a moment. An official message for Medicare. Open enrollment ends soon. So now's the time to be open minded look at everything like prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans from private insurers why.

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