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Now to your question, how would I encourage say an African American voter to stay home? I, I would increase the likelihood that you're thinking about things that hurt your assessment of Clinton. So I would stress her comment from her earlier career about superpredators a comment that alienated African Americans, and second, I would stress Bill Clinton's record has president in which there was an increased incarceration of blacks. If those things are more salient to you, even if you don't like Donald Trump and you're likely to support a democrat, if you vote and there's one more cue, Donald Trump isn't really a menace te'o. He's not threatening you. I've increased the likelihood that you stay home what the role of wikileak's the Russian hackers who stole the democratic content used three front groups, but the most influential the most influential cutout essentially. Was WikiLeaks at what WikiLeaks essentially accomplished was providing a cover so that the press didn't remember or didn't say, this is Russian stolen content and didn't say, Julian Assange is the mastermind of WikiLeaks. Now, the reason that's important is that the content that came into our system into our discourse illegally gotten by Russians, transferred to us by Julian Assange lost those too early identifying markers in the press translation. And so instead of saying illegally, gotten Russian stolen content, the press said WikiLeaks, instead of saying given to us by Julian Assange whom Hillary Clinton wants to prosecute for his use of clay, his misuse of classified information and who actively opposes her. The press said, WikiLeaks the label WikiLeaks made the content more benign and legitimized it because it can. Flush the identity of two forces behind it. And in the process, minimize the likelihood that those who saw that delay -able and that continent news would ask, why do the Russians not want to elect Hillary Clinton? Why does Julian Assange not like Hillary Clinton? So you mentioned the press several times. What about the entire role made? We are in an interesting environment in which the press is facing. Rapid change in what is the vailable for it to cover fewer resources and more demands to be more venues than it ever has before. And every time I look at what my students who are in the journalistic community do from dawn to dusk it all, but makes me tired thinking about it. So in that pressured environment, when a large amount of hacked content is dumped on the press. It didn't have the time, nor did it make the time to consider carefully what it had determine whether it was accurate and then use it carefully. And as a result at key moments stories get into the press in a way that they would not have had the press, been less hurried, less driven by the need to scoop less likely to try to find the scandal and more considered and more inclined to say, what's the issue substance here? How does this forecast governance? Is this actually important new information? And we saw that most clearly on October seventh, when the intelligence community certified that the Russians were behind the hacking shortly thereafter on that Friday, October seventh, the access Hollywood story breaks in the Washington Post with its lewd remarks on tape by by Donald Trump, not then yet a candidate. And then shortly thereafter, and this is the. Point Wicky leaks through Julian Assange puts Russian hacked illegally gotten pedestrian content into the news cycle in the form of speech excerpts from those speeches that Bernie Sanders had been seeking throughout the primary and Hillary Clinton had not been disclosing and those speeches that Donald Trump wanted to see as well. The first thing the press did was dropped story won. We lost track of the Russians as hackers and the press didn't import that information into its coverage of the pedestrian content. Had that content not come into the media stream that day, there would have been to anti-trump stories dominating the weekend and portly in the weekend because that's the weekend of the second debate and material comes out in the seventh debate is the ninth and so by dropping the Russian hacking and focusing on the pedestrian Email dislosures against the access Hollywood tape, the press created a balance between the two that let the. Trump campaign argue as Rudolph. Rudy Giuliani did on all of the Sunday shows that these are essentially equivalent indications of flawed candidates in otherwise. In other words, don't use the access Hollywood tape to discredit Donald Trump. You ask that question, suppose Dow terms emails had been hacked. What might we have seen and understood differently?.

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