How to Avoid Cold Weather Weight Gain

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Don't be afraid to wear some of your tighter more form fitting clothes in the winter too. I know it's really fun to throw in a scarf in big chunky sweater. And just look all cozy and such. But what happens is if we don't wear jeans jeans, come you're meaning jeans. If you don't try on those means like every other week, you know, what's going to happen. You're going to try them on and you're going to be like, okay. Hose a personal of my jeans in the dryer for so long sober, Sean. These genes who is it. We have that conversation. Okay. So what's going on? There is those genes have shrunk actually the person who's going in them has just expanded a little bit now, sometimes expansion can be just from inflammation. So if you've ever gone to put on your genes, you're like what in the world late word is like three days ago. What am I gained ten pounds? You might have eaten something very inflammatory and your body is holding onto water or you've done such a difficult workout. And I know that sounds bad. But it's actually good thing that you you've created microscopic tears in the muscle tissue. That is created some mild or intense soreness and that soreness is accompanied with water attention in the muscle to help repair those tissues and you'll go to slip on your genes. And you're like what the heck a why are these so tight I've been working out? It makes no sense. Don't worry about it. It should be gone. The next day. Drink a lot of water, and I know people are like wait if I'm holding onto water. Why would I drink a lot of water well because your body needs a certain amount, especially when it's healing. And if your body. Feels as though it's not like your body has feelings. But if your body how do I say this if you're not getting enough water your body's going to hold onto water to perform its functions if you're giving it enough water it will then realize it doesn't have to hold onto water. It'll kind of flush through as a general rule. You should be drinking enough water that when you go to the bathroom your urine is a very light yellow almost clear, I know, this is Tim I but mine is always clear because at a minimum I drink four water bottles every day four water bottles have about twenty five ounces. I created a system. So that I could develop a habit because I only drink diet coke. I hated water and eventually weaned myself off of diet coke and onto water. But then I had to figure. Okay. Like do. I just keep refilling the same water bottle. And so now, I use three water bottles. I fill them up the night before they are insulated steel bottles. So they stay cold for twenty four hours. And I do that. The night before I sit on my clothes in night before I pick out my clothes. I'm going to wear after my workout the night before I cleaned the kitchen, I put my makeup bag aside. I pull out my keys I figure out what we're going to do. Like, I have everything slip. I wake up and I only have five minutes to get ready, boom. I can. And even my water bottles have already been pre filled with lemon ginger water,

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