War Heroes Call for New Approach to Politics


The eve of the midterm elections. A panel of war heroes sat down with Fox News. And all agreed on one thing that politicians need to come together to prioritize the country before their party line retired army ranger, Sean Parnell also said veterans that raise the right hand to volunteer serve this country and they go overseas, and they they get broken. They come back. They fight and bleed for their benefits on the battlefield. They shouldn't have to fight and bleed for their VA benefits here at home. And I wanna make sure that everybody in this country has galvanized behind. Helping our veterans will make it back. Making sure that they have access to the healthcare that they need medal of honor recipient to quote, a Meyer added the benefit that the veterans are there. I mean, I'm going to say that they they fought for right? You know that they should be getting people. But even more importantly like I want people who somebody who's gonna United right? Somebody's gonna come in. And they're gonna they're gonna vote for what's right, not necessarily just I'm going to vote this way. Just so I can stay in and get reelected, right? I want somebody who's gonna come in. And they're going to make a difference

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