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So at this point, you would have heard what I learned in the five five what five five five th that's not what I was trying to say what I learned in the first five years of Banda. Now, I wanna tell you what I learned in the second five years 'cause five and five is ten and we've been in business for ten years. So I cut it in half. I slice it up a making a band of sandwich. I don't know us in between. Maybe nothing maybe it's just two pieces of bread. That's not even a sandwich, though, my favorite kind of sandwich. Not that you asked probably grilled cheese. But also. Sandwich place for house, and they're true artisans to do all sorts of stuff comic, a roast beef sandwich would like horseradish sauce on it and like a really cool cheese. But then it's like also be great if it had potato chips. I don't is the hamburger amateur like those two, oh, I like grilled chicken sandwiches. Oh, my God be LT's with crispy bacon. And I actually don't even know if I need the L or the tea, just bacon and bread. Anyways at about the fifteen minute, Mark. I'm a half to take a pause because I'm trying to bowl some water for some spaghetti because I wanna eat some spaghetti. Let's it. I just thought you should know you you may not even notice it happens because we can do secret shit like on a podcast Ryan to stop recording and start again, it's like I never left, but there may be a twenty minute period between where I'm making spaghetti. It's wild. I tell you. I'm watching my dog Philip go to the bathroom in our backyard. I have I just have. I just painted a picture of someone that you wanna take business advice from I hope so because it's a whole new world out there and people like me can now give business advice, which I'm really excited to do. And it's not even just advice. It's I just wanna share the experience with you. Because I don't think people talk about this enough. And I think it just seems like businesses easy. And when I say, there are things that I learned some of it is like I found out that there's some real shit stuff. You have to go through is not like, hey, write this down because this is like business school. I would imagine that you maybe don't find out about some of this stuff at business school. So. Let's dig in shall we? I think we shall if you've made it five years in business. Congratulations. That's huge. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure how he did that other than I know that we sold the business that year four, and then someone with a lot of sense over and enabled our creativity to fuel create creativity of the business and the brand rather than the numbers portion. But what I think is a really common thing. A goal for most people in business growth, whether that you're Spiring to have growth from a recognition standpoint. So like brand growth or you're growing because you have one brick and mortar store, and you wanna have one hundred or you wanna grow just from a profit standpoint or a sale standpoint or you wanna go from five employees to five hundred employees. I think business growth is top of mind for for most business people that said, I think there's also something really interesting about like sustainability in business where you find you have a small business, but you don't need it to be a medium or large business. You like the way it runs you have one or two employees everyone feels like they're being paid well treated, well, you're making a profit you're living the life..

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