Aaron Rodgers' estranged brother rips QB after wildfire donation


Creamy Packer store Aaron Rodgers is being ripped by his brother after the quarterback made a huge wildfire donation winning quarterback who grew up in Chico California near the area impacted by the recent wildfires and announced a major donation to the devastated community dot personally, resets in my friends, and the mayor of Chico to find out how to be of the most help this is why I'm partnering with north valley community foundation and donated one million dollars to help with recovery and eventual rebuild of these communities for Rogers who has been estranged from his family for years, the good deed, also dug up Shimon family drama. He's younger brother Jordan responding on Twitter. When your own mom is home alone during the fires car packed ready to evacuate, and you missed the fundamental first step of compassion. Calling your parents to make sure they are safe everything else. Just feels like an

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