McKenzie Milton, UCF Knights QB, suffers leg injury


Regular season, two straight years. The Golden Knights have gone through the regular season unscathed. This year ranked eighth hypol- describing what was a costly victory McKenzie Milton the UCF quarterback who had twenty four straight games the touchdown pass. And was probably a fringe Heisman Trophy. Candidate was lost a severe knee injury in this game. He left his backup came in a redshirt freshman and the knights scored twenty eight points behind their backup quarterback. And I want to tackle a question that I've heard in regards to UCF tonight. I wanna try something on for size here. And I'm Andrew Phillip pony. In for ferrall on CBS sports radio comedy from the Quicken Loans. Studios national mortgage lender. Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. One of the ways that UCF gets disparaged by critics by college football fans in other places is this hypothetical question gets raised about them. Well, what would they do with Fe? Warren conference ex. Ceesay for UCF to get through the American athlete undefeated. They only have one win over a ranked opponent. They beat number twenty four pit at home forty five to fourteen. They played the seventy second. Best schedule in America. They only had eleven games because a trip to North Carolina was cancelled because of the hurricane. So they really are undeserving of the top ten rating, and they definitely don't deserve to be included in the national championship the college football playoff conversation. And I agree with that second point. There's not enough on their resume. To suggest or recommend that they play for college football playoff. Like all hell would have to break loose in the next two weeks for them to even get considered. But the idea that they're not a really good football team is blast semester. Me. I think it's ridiculous. And here's the comparison. I'll make to prove my point. What do you think would happen? If UCF was in the SEC. Now, I think most of you would want to jump in and say they probably be like a eight and four seven and five team. They would just be a middle of the pack team in the SEC. They wouldn't be the worst team. They wouldn't be a team that finished in the basement like Arkansas. They wouldn't be Vanderbilt. They wouldn't be ole miss. They'd be middle of the pack. And I hear a lot of. I hear a lot of national media kind of make those blanket statements that this seems to be what are these ongoing debates college game day was at UCF last week. And they brought it up like, hey, let's tip our cap the UCF, but let's be real about it if they were in a power five conference data have three or four losses by now. And I just don't think that's

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