Cannabis in Canada: Who wins and who loses under new law


Job must have picked up. Quite an exciting time to be cannabis lawyer in Canada, though I suspect that you to like the dogs will be finding less work coming. You away what's happening. Well, we'll see what happens. There are forty five offenses in the new cannabis act. So I imagine there will still be worked for criminal lawyers with respect to drug sniffing dogs. I would say that these dogs it was they were never a big deal and never a big part of Canadian policing. You'll see them at the border. So these are these. These dogs will actually be out of work, come legalization in Canada, although their role was limited to begin with. Limited, but this was a job for life. If you're a Canadian sniffer Doke because from from what from from this time of being a pup, you'll knows was trained to track cannabis. Yeah, and it. It can bring issues with respect to reasonable grounds. So if an officer believes you have cannabis that's actually lawful, it's lawful to carry up to thirty grams of cannabis on your person. So sniffer dog detects lawful cannabis, but then the officer finds something that's not cannabis, but is he legal Imogen? There will be challenges in court. So that could be the reason why the are taking sniffer dogs into retirement in some police forces across Canada. So there's no possibility. I'm no dog training expert at, but is it possible to their? I teach an old kind of sniffing dog new tricks. From from what I've read. That's that's not possible. Once they've discovered the smell of cannabis, they know what it is. So certainly having them on on staff could present some problems, some court challenges if someone is charged with another offense and what led to that was reasonable grounds to believe the personnel cannabis and cannabis is legal. That's going to bring some issues into the court could be simply a dog thinks it's suppose cannabis. The individually stopped in such dilemma for whatever reason, enough evidence of another crime images does that affect Tivoli, throw the judicial process out of the window simply because this pull Doug smelt something that he or she shouldn't have done. Sure. So it doesn't automatically take the evidence out of the case as it would in the United States, but you can file a motion to have the evidence scrapped from the case and not say decision that the judge will make taking into account different factors, including whether it would bring the Justice, the system of Justice into disrepute, if the evidence was not allowed in Jordan cannabis lawyer, thank you for joining us a man like to be quite busy in the next few weeks. That's all we have time for today's edition of the monocle daily. Thanks. Ben Ryan for such had a jury and Muffin LeBron student manager Bill Lucci globalises here in eight hours time. Gina Goldman is your heist that the monocle data Britan's at the same time tomorrow. Join me for that if you can. But for now for me MLK goodbye. Thank you very much for listening.

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