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Our news and call in show that the midterm elections from WNYC in public radio stations across the country. Good evening, everyone. Good afternoon. In hawaii. I'm Brian Lehrer in for Jonathan Kaye part tonight and tomorrow night every Monday through Thursday through the mid term elections. This program is bringing you the latest political news and analysis, and we are listening to your thoughts and feelings and questions about the issues that matter most to you and tonight, we have lots of issues on the agenda. And I mean, lots with as many as one hundred fifty initiatives on the ballot in thirty eight states issues ranging from hunting rights to voting rights. We will get to this year's bumper. Crop of valid questions later in the hour. But we begin as we do every evening with the news. That's affecting our politics today. For example, we have President Trump so confusion on the disappearance. Jamal kashogi in a very similar way to how he sows confusion about Russia. We have Elizabeth Warren revealing that she accepted Trump's challenge to take DNA test to prove that she has some native American blood. And if she does he said, he would donate a million dollars to the charity of her choice. Spoiler alert. Trump says he doesn't believe the results. And by the way, the Cherokee nation is an exactly endorsing them either. And a new poll three weeks before the midterm elections finds the Brett Cavanaugh Christine Blasi Ford spectacle has produced mixed results in the electorate will see what's there that ABC news Washington Post poll to as we welcome amber Phillips who reports on politics for the Washington Post, and from New Haven, Connecticut. The New York Times magazine correspondent Yale Law School, fellow and slate politics gap fest co-host, Emily basil on. Hi, emily. Hi, amber, thanks for joining America on the line tonight. Thanks for having us, amber. We all know, how Trump has said Putin denies involvement in the twenty sixteen election as if Putin is a credible source, and maybe it was a four hundred pound hacker sitting on his couch and since that's been effective for him. I guess listen to the similarities with what he said this morning about the evidence that the Saudi government had killed your colleague, amber, Jamal kashogi firmly.

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